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Exchanges across the Japan Sea

According to the marine statute book published in 16th century, Tsuchizaki-minato (Akita Port) was ranked one of the most important ports in Japan. The history of development of Akita had been a history of Japan sea trade.

Prosperity of the Ando family

Soryuji Temple
Soryu-ji Temple, Founded by Ando Clan

Before Edo era, Ando clan, possessing a strong naval power, had been a lord of Akita for more than two hundred years. It is said that the foundation of the economical and cultural development was established then.

The Kitamaebune ship which connects Akita with Osaka,Kyoto

Sailing Vessel in Akita Port in Meiji Period

After opening the direct vessel route to Osaka from Akita and linked with the Japanese biggest market in Osaka in Edo era, Tsuchizaki-minato (Akita Port) had been developed more and more. Sailing vessel operated on this route was called Kitamae-bune, and this route was regarded as one of major routes in the Japanese economy.

Akita Port Akita Port, gateway not only to Akita but to northwestern Japan, having international container cargo vessel route. Also, expecting to open the ferry route Between Kansai and Hokkaido via Akita.

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