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'Outline of municipal census


Heart crosses over the ocean...

The city of Akita has a friendly city relationship with the City of Lanzhou, China, sister city relationship with the City of Passau, Germany, the City of Vladivostok, Russia, and the City of St. Cloud, and has an exchange agreement with the Kenai Peninsula Borough, USA.

Kenai Peninsula Borough Kenai Peninsula Borough, USA
The district with several towns and villages in Kenai Peninsula, mid-south of Alaska.Exchange programs of young people have been carried out and an economic exchange program is also planned.

City of Vladivostok, Russia
The capital city of the Russian coastal region and the governmental educational cultural center of the Far East. There are sports exchange programs, public performances of local performing arts and fairs of local products.
City of Vladivostok

City of Passau City of Passau, Germany
The old city of Bayern in southeast Germany. There are exchange programs of sports for young people, art and culture such as music, traditional crafts and painting.

City of Lanzhou, China
The capital city of the Kansudistrict is located in the upper reaches of Huang (Yellow) River in WestnorthChina. There are programs of sending cultural trainees and receiving technical trainees of medicine, agriculture and business.
City of Lanzhou

City of St.cloud, USA
There was Minesota State University -Akita in Yuwa town. St. cloud city and Yuwa town became sister city. In 2005, Akita city and Yuwa town have been merged. The City of Akita inherit their relationship.

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