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Senshu Park
- once the castle of Satake clan

Osumi-yaguraIn 1602, Yoshinobu Satake, Lord of Hitachi, was relegated to Akita by the Tokugawa shogun family. The Senshu Park, located in the city center now, used to be a castle of Lord Satake family for 270 years. A remaining moat and many curving stone steps in this park shows the trace of the castle having a military function.
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<-The castle, built by Lord Yoshinobu Satake, was named Kubota-jo. Because of hesitation toward the shogunate or financial difficulty, this castle did not have a tower. The Osumi-yagura, rebuilt in celebration of 100th anniversary of municipalization, had been used as a guard house and a weapon storage.

With big flowers of lotus, the remaining moat, which was constructed to defend the castle, is now creating a relaxing atmosphere for the citizens in Akita.
Kogetsu-ike PondKogetsu-ike Pond
Hitachi-ota City
<-Hitachi-ota City
Based on the historical relations with Load Satake, the City of Akita has a sister city relationship with the City of Hitachi-ota and towns and villages nearby.

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