'Outline of municipal census


Around Akita Station.
Development of the central area.

Akita StationIn the area of the Akita Station, rebuilt simultaneously with the opening of bullet train Komachi, the city has been promoting the projects of new pedestrian network and new public facility. In addition, as the central shopping area in the west district of the Akita Station is now facing emasculation problem, the city has been promoting a re-development project in this area in cooperation with the prefectural government and shop owners.
Final image illustration of Kyoten Center
(tentative name)

New Public Facility, in Combination with Governmental, Cultural, and Private Facility, Scheduled to be Opened in 2003

Plan of maintenance project

Completed image of Omotemon (main gate)
The structure of the city center is based on the city planning designed in Edo era. As the Senshu Park used to be a castle of Lord Satake, it reflects an original atmosphere of Akita. So the city has started a project to rebuild the Senshu Park more enjoyable and attractive, and the first stage of this project is rebuilding a main gate.


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