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A future is created

Creation makes a beautiful future. Aiming to bringing up students who will be pragmatic technicians in local communities, the Akita Municipal Junior College of Art and Craft is a unique art college owned and managed by the city government. Also, having a facility named "Atelier Momosada," this college opens the door to local residents and provides life-long education programs, such as textiles, glasswork, and metal engraving courses. Akita Municipal Junior College of Art and Craft
Akita Municipal Junior College of Art and Craft

Glasswork ->Open class provided in the "Atelier Momosada" in the Akita Municipal Junior College of Art and Craft

<-Trying Glasswork
Atelier Momosada
The city has encouraged an education that aims at development of individual talent rather than learning by route. The unique experiment, in which we have combined school education with human resources and facilities in their local communities, has been watched with keen interest. Feeling at ease, our students are growing up. Junior high school student conference
'Dream Akita 21 Junior High school Student Conference' with students from all junior high schools in Akita City

Introduction to Manga by illustrators as one of courses called 'Jump up! Akitakko (children in Akita City)'
 tele-meeting system
In Akita, all computers in municipal elementary schools are accessible to the internet network, and the city has been promoting a project that computers in municipal junior high schools will be linked to the internet. Our students can send out their messages globally and receive information from all over the world, and they are able to exchange information with students living in other places with tele-meeting system.
Schools where you can study in Akita, the developing city
Akita intends to combine middle and high schools.

Characteristics of combined middle and high schools
  • Six year combined middle and high school education
  • Education which develops personality and ability of students ina relaxed atmosphere.
  • Study of local natural environment, history,tradition and culture.
  • Volunteer activity with experience based on the local area.
  • Education emphasizing foreign languages and computer studies.
  • Combined study with students of middle and high schools together.
The newly-established high schools
Present middle schools
*Students applying to join from primary schools all over the city
*Students who graduated from present primary schools.

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