History of Akita City

updated on Sep. 22nd, 2010

Date Major event
1 Apr, 1889 City of Akita was incorporated.
12 Jul, 1889 Akita City Hall was opened.
21 Oct, 1902 Japan National Railway opened Akita Station.
1 Oct, 1907 Water supply by the city was started.
23 Nov, 1909 New city hall was built in Yadome-machi.
22 Jun, 1925 Bus service was started.
17 Dec, 1931 Trolley car service was started.
10 Nov, 1934 Akita Ohashi Bridge was completed.
12 Oct, 1936 City gas works was started.
27 Apr, 1938 The Omonogawa River improvement work was completed.
1 Apr, 1941 City of Akita merged towns and villages of TsuchizakiMinato,Terauchi, Hiroyamada and Araya.
16 Jun, 1954 Akita City Hospital was opened.
1 Oct, 1954 12 surrounding villages were merged to Akita City.
18 Jun, 1958 Akita Municipal Art Museum was opened at Senshu Park.
7 Dec, 1959 New Prefecture Office was completed in Sanno.
26 Sep, 1961 Akita Airport was opened near Araya Beach.
8 Oct, 1961 The 16th National Athletic Meet was held in Akita City.
26 Oct, 1964 New City Hall was built at its present location.
31 Dec, 1965 Street car service was stopped.
11 Apr, 1971 The Sanno Street was completed.
1 Sep, 1973 City zoo at Senshu park was moved to Omoriyama.
1 Oct, 1973 A regulation to make Akita a garden city was established.
1 Mar, 1975 Akita Central Wholesale Market was opened.
12 Jul, 1977 Sister city relationship established with Hitachi Ota,Ibaraki Prefecture.
28 Jun, 1980 Akita Cultural Hall was opened.
26 Jun, 1981 New Akita Airport was opened in Yuwa town.
4 Aug, 1982 Akita City, Kawabe town and Yuwa town are designated as technopolis.
5 Aug, 1982 Friendly relationship was established with Lanzhou city,China.
7 Oct, 1983 Central Library "Meitokukan" was opened.
8 Apr, 1984 Sister city relationship was formalized with Passau city,Germany.
24 Jan, 1987 Akita City Hall branch office is opened in Tokyo.
2 Apr, 1988 "We Road" Walkway,connecting east and west sides of Akita station was completed.
10 Jun, 1989 "Goshono New town" landsale was started.
10 Jul, 1989 Osumi Yagura and the bronze statue of Lord Yoshiaki Satake were restored.
12 Jul, 1989 100th anniversary of municipalization.
18 Nov, 1989 "Atorion" and Akita Municipal Senshu Art Museum were opened.
1 Oct, 1990 Population of Akita exceeded 300,000.
25 Jul, 1991 The Akita Expressway was completed.(Between Akita and Yokote).
29 Aug, 1991 Kur Dome "The Boon" was opened.
22 Jan, 1992 Kenai peninsula borough, USA and the City of Akita became sister city.
29 Jun, 1992 Sister city relationship was formalized with Vladivostok city,Russia.
1 Apr, 1993 Paramedics equipped with high standard emergency life saving ambulance is introduced to Akita.
1 Oct, 1993 The information Line "Keyaki Dial Hello,Hello" started.
8 Feb, 1994 The Parking zone information system started.
8 Apr, 1994 The Port Tower "Selion" was opened.
13 Apr, 1994 New Municipal Gymnasium was opened.
11 Apr, 1995 Akita Municipal Junior College of Art and Craft was opened.
20 Jul, 1996 The Selion Plaza was opened in Akita Port.
16 Mar, 1997 New JR Akita Station was completed.
22 Mar, 1997 The Akita Shinkansen "Komachi" was started.
1 Apr, 1997 City of Akita became "core city".
1 Apr, 1997 Central Senior Citizen's Welfare Area was opened.
13 Nov, 1997 Akita Expressway was completed.
30 Mar, 1998 Akita South Bridge was completed.
11 Apr, 1998 East Gate of Akita Fort was rebuilt.
1 Jul, 1998 Disclosure of administrative information was started.
1 Apr, 1999 Akita City Recycle Plaza was completed.
9 Jul, 1999 Regular ferry service was started.
1 Apr, 2000 Akita Goshono Gakuen Junior High and High School was opened.
29 Jul, 2000 Sky walk "Popo-Road" was opened in Akita Station.
22 Aug, 2000 "U.N.conference on disarmament issues in Akita" was held.
25 Oct. 2001 Akita airport started regular international service to Korea.
1 Apr, 2002 The waste-melting furnace in the Akita-city Comprehensive Environmental Center in operation.
15 Mar, 2003 Akita Southern Bypass was completed.
7 Jul, 2003 Akita City and Kawabe Town and Yuwa Town established a statutory merger council.
22 Aug, 2003 The Taiheizan Nature Learning Center "Mantarame" was opened.
16 Jul. 2004 Akita hub center "ALVE" , next to the Akita station, was open.
1 Aug. 2004 400 year memorial celebration since load Satake built the city.
1 Jan, 2005 Akita city and the neighbor town, Kawabe and Yuwa, had been merged.
Jan, 2006 Akita city had a record heavy snowfall.
28 Jun, 2006 The city of St. cloud, USA became sister city of the city of Akita.
15 Sep, 2007 Akita Central Road (tunnel) had been open.
29 Sep, 2007 Akita Wakasugi Kokutai, the National Sports Festival, was held in Akita.
12 Jul, 2009 120th anniversary since the City of Akita was incorporated.

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