Sister, Friendly Cities

Lanzhu,ChinaLanzhou, China.
With an area of 14,400I and a population of 2,270,000, Lanzhou City is the capital city of Gansu Province. It is located near the center of China, and at the upper part of Huang He River. It used to prosper as a stopping point along the Silk Road . It is rising now as an industrial city, with petro-chemical and machine industries.

Passau,GermanyPassau, Germany
Having a population of 50,000, Passau City is localted at the juncton of the Daube, Inn, and IIz Rivers. Because of its 2,000 year history. One can still find, downtown, buildings that display Renaissance-Erra architerchture. The beautiful scenery in this city attracts approximately 250,000 tourists from all over the world every year.

Vladivostok, RussiaVladivostok, Russia
Having a population of 670,000, Vladivostok City is the capital of the coastal region of Russia. This city is a center of coastal trade, education and cultural activities.

Hitachi-Ota City, Ibaraki PrefectureHitachi-Ota City, Ibaraki Prefecture
The city of Hitachi-Ota with a population of 41,000, is a central city in the northeastern part of Ibaraki prefecture. Hitachi-Ota used to be the Satake family castle. Even now there are many noted places and histrical spots related to the Satake family.

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