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Traditionally we have a lot of festivals. The "Kanto" Lantern Festival is one of the three major summer festivals in the Tohoku area. Also the Port Festival, Bonten Festival, Kashima Festival.....etc, are just a few of the festivals which bring Akita's 310,000 people out into the streets.

Kanto Festival

Kanto (small photo) Akita's most important summer festival the "Kanto Festival" is held August 4th through the 7th , 46 lanterns hoisted up by bamboo poles are said to symbolize golden ears of rice for prayers for a good harvest. The length of the Kanto pole is 12 meters and the weight is 50 kilograms. Many tourists that gather from all over the country and are intoxicated by the scene of 200 lanterns floating in the night sky. Akita's short summer reaches a climax with the sound of Japanese drums and bamboo flutes in the evening air.

Bonten Festival

Bonten Festival (photo) Bonten festival at the Taiheizan Miyoshi shrine is held January 17th. At the Bonten Festival men compete here to be the first to dedicate the Bonten an offering of prayers to the god of the shrine.

Kashima Festival

Kashima Festival (photo) On the 2nd Sunday of June paper dolls made by various families are sent to Hiyoshi Shrine by way of a small boat made of reed. It is prayers for children to grow up strong and healthy.

Port Festival

Port Festival (photo) A festival to protect the port of Tsuchizaki is held at Shinmei shrine on July 20th and 21st. It's a soul-stirring event featuring decorated floats bamboo flute and Japanese drums.

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