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Mt. Taihei Resort Area

About 30 minute drive east from downtown Akita, you will be able to see the Mt. Taihei resort area surrounded by abundant greenery.
It offers you year-round fun with an out-door hot spring of the Kur Dome "The Boon", "Opas" ski area, auto camp, and tennis courts.

Kur Dome the Kur Dome "The Boon"
"The Boon" offers year-round fun.

Fishing at Asahi river (photo)Catching an ayu (sweet fish) at Asahi river.

ski resort "Opas",the ski resort "Opas" also attracts people to night skiing.

Municipal Gymnasium

A new gymnasium was completed in April of 1994 which was imaged after the Olympiad in Greece.
The main arena accommodates 3,400 people and stands 40 meter high. It also has facilities such as a sub-arena, meeting rooms, and a table tennis room which are air conditioned and heated through out the year.

Municipal Gymnasium (bird eye photo)An olympia style Gymnasium

Akita Port

The port tower "Selion" was opened in April of 1994 at Akita port.
You can see a wonderful view of the Japan Sea and Akita City from the top of 100 meter high tower.
Below the port tower is a market selling fresh fish and living fish which is very popular among the citizens and tourist also.

The Port Tower The Port Tower "Selion" at Akita Port

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