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CONTENTS For infants of 4 months, 7 months, 10 months, 18 months, and 3 years old, the city offers a health examination by doctors, health counselors, and dietitians, to examine the infants' health condition and their growth and to give the mothers advice on the way to bring up and feed the child properly.
Further, for 2 old infants, the city also provides a dental examination by dentists and guidance by dentistry nurses.
The details of these examinations are described in a separate volume of "Mother- Child Handbook for Health."
DOCUMENTS AND OTHER MATERIALS REQUIRED When your infant takes these examinations, please take the handbook and attached questionnaire with you.
PLACE FOR PROCEDURE Appointed hospitals, medical centers, and examination places.
FEE It will not be charged.
REMARKS Examinations of infants from 4 to 10 months old can be taken at appointed medical centers or hospitals.
Collective examinations for 18 months and 3 years old infants are held at five appointed places throughout the city.
Information on medical centers, hospitals, and appointed places for examinations are described in a separate volume.
OTHER NOTICE The date and schedule of these examinations will be published in the city's official information paper named "Koho Akita."
If it so happens that you leave the city or you cannot take the examinations in certain periods, it is no longer possible to take these examinations.
MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT SECTION Health Promotion Section (Kenko-Yobo-ka) Tel: 883-1174


CONTENTS The City of Akita provides a subsidy system whereby infants aged 0 to 1 can take free medical treatment as both in- and outpatients.
Infants aged 2 can only take advantage of this as inpatients.
  1. Health Insurance Card, on which your infant's name is printed.
  2. Certificate of your income in the preceding year.
PLACE FOR PROCEDURE Appointed hospitals, medical centers, and examination places.
FEE It will not be charged.
  1. This subsidy system is only for residents of Akita City.
  2. This system is available only for members of one of the Japanese public health insurance systems.
OTHER NOTICE The issuing of the certificate of your income will be charged.
MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT SECTION Social Welfare Section (Shakai-fukushi-ka) Tel: 66-2093


CONTENTS Children's allowance is aimed at family's stability, the children's growth, and their development of nature.
The objects of this service are children under 3 years old, and the amount of allowance for the first and second child is 5,000 Yen per month, and for the third and younger is 10,000 Yen.
In this system we have an income restriction.
  1. Your seal or signature
  2. Bank name and account number are needed in order to forward the allowance.
  3. Certificate of your pension membership
PLACE FOR PROCEDURE City Hall, or its branch offices in Tsuchizaki or Araya.
FEE It will not be charged.
REMARKS Requirements
  1. Children must be under 3 years old.
  2. In the form of your tax withholding at source, the amount after deduction should be less than the total amount of Table 1 and 2.
OTHER NOTICE If you were not a resident of Akita City on April 1, 1993, a certificate of income only for children's allowance is required.
The allowance will be provided in the following month your completion of the procedure.
MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT SECTION Citizens Section (Shimin-ka) Tel: 66-2072

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