Administration Services Provided by Other Governments and Organizations

Last modified 1998.03.14


The administration services listed below are ones provided by the national and prefectural governments, organizations, and private companies in Akita.
Please contact directly to the offices if you need information in detail.

Akita Prefectural Government

Police Office

Headquarters Tel: 863-1111
Crime and accident, anywhere in Japan Tel: 110

Drivers License

Drivers License Center Tel: 862-7570


Animal Administration Center Tel: 828-6561

National Government

Mail Ministry of Postal and Telecommunication
Akita Central Post Office
Tel: 823-2900
Immigration Ministry of Justice
Sendai Immigration Office Akita Port Branch
Tel: 845-2463
Job Search Ministry of Labor
Akita Public Employment Security Office
Tel: 864-4111
Complaint on administration services Prime Minister's office
Akita Administration Inspection Office
Tel: 824-1426
Customs Ministry of Finance
Akita Customs-house Office
Tel: 845-0735
Quarantine Ministry of Health and Welfare
Sendai Quarantine Office Akita-Funakawa Branch
Tel: 846-8280
Prevention of Epidemics Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries
Yokohama Plants Prevention of Epidemics
Office Niigata Branch Akita Office
Tel: 845-1411


Doctor Referral Service

Akita Doctors Association Tel: 865-0252


Tohoku Electricity Power Co. Akita Service Office Tel: 833-0151


Nippon Telegram and Telephone Co. NTT Akita Service Office Tel: 8166

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