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Akita City has the most beautiful seasonal changes during the year. In spring, Senshu Park, with the ruins of the castle of the Satake family , is full of cherry blossoms and azaleas.
In summer, you can enjoy the magnificent view of gigantic columns of clouds standing up over the Japan Sea. In autumn, Mt. Taihei becomes a beautiful rainbow of colors.
And then, in winter, everything is covered with pure white snow, and the air is so clear everywhere.
Besides such wonderful nature, there are many other things that one can see, do and eat that are unique to Akita. For example, in the Hirano Art Museum, you can see the 'Akita no Gyoji' (The Events in Akita), the largest canvas painting in the world, painted by Tsuguji Fujita (1886-1968).
Senshu Art Museum has the works of Kenzo Okada in mysterious profundity as well as 'Akita-Ranga', unusual works among Japanese paintings.
Kanto Festival is the pride of the Akita people and is well known even outside Japan. Truly, there are many places to see that are very unique to Akita.
Akita prefecture also has many distinctive local foods. Not to be missed!
It is said that "One picture is worth a thousand words" and "Seeing is believing," So please come over and discover the good things of Akita with your own eyes.
You may find charms of Akita that even we haven't discoverd yet!


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