Delicious and delightful, delicacies of Akita

There are so many foods only Akita is famous for Edible wild plants from mountains in the Spring. Iwagaki oysters are in season from May to August.
Kiritanpo are made of new rice come fall. And Mushrooms many others you can eat and talk about.

Akita Shimin Ichiba, a market
Food market for Akita people. You can get a wide variety of food such as fresh fish, sansai (wild plants) and vegetables. Let's go there and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

Morokoshi, sweet made of azuki bean
'morokoshi' was named after the story that the lord liked it the best much among many sweets. There are various types from a mouthful size to a big bar.

Kiritanpo,mashed rice put on a chopstick and baked
'Kiritanpo-nabe' is a typical autumn/fall 'nabemono' with 'tampo' (baked new rice on a skewer of Japanese cedar), 'hinai-jidori' (local chickens of the Hinai area) and Mitake mushroom.

Shotturukaiyaki, fish and vegitable soupseasoned with fish source
'Shottsuru-nabe' is another nabemono cooked with 'Hatahata' (local special fish) in salty soup and has a special taste.

Damakomochi, mashed and balled rice
'Nabemono' (a hot pot dish cooked at the table) with rice balls ('damako'), chicken and mushrooms. Damako is very delicious because of the rich taste of all ingredients.

Gakko, pickles
There are many different pickles. 'Gakko' is essential with meals and tea in Akita.
Kasube, ray's fins cooked sweet and sour
'Kasube' is made of ray fin cooked sweet and bitter for a long time. In Tsuchizaki, almost every family makes it at the time of the summer festival.

Junsai, edible waterweed
They can be caught at the lakes and marshes from early summer. You should try very fresh ones. The taste is different from the processed version.
Inaniwa Udon
Either cooled or heated, 'Inaniwa Udon' is soothing and chewy.

Tonburi seeds, eaten boiled
Another name for 'Tonburi' is 'caviar of the field'. It is bubbly and goes well with Chinese yams and 'nattou' (fermented soybeans).
Iwagaki oysters, eaten during summer
Unusual oysters that you can eat even in summer. They grow in the cold fresh water at Mt. Chokai and the seawater of the Japan Sea. There oysters taste great.


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