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Akita, being part of Japan's most prized rice belt, is famous for its production of Sake.
This delicious Sake goes well with the fresh seafood and wild vegetables which are taken from Akita.
We have some famous local cuisines such as "Kiritanpo" made from the newly harvest rice and "Shottsuru Kayaki" made with "Hatahata" fish famous here in Akita.


Sake bottles (photo) Akita, being part of Japan's most prized rice belt is famous for production of Sake. 8 Sake brewers in the city offer many variety of Sake

Kiritanpo & Shottsuru

Kiritanpo & Shottsuru (photo) This is a local cuisine represeting Akita. The newly harvested rice is mashed and molded onto sticks. It is then grilled and put into a chicken soup stew.

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